Doodle for Google Contest 2021

Doodle for Google Contest program encourages K-12 students in the United States to utilize their inner strength to redesign the Google homepage logo.

The judging criteria for award selection include: creativity and originality; effective representation of the current year’s topic; obedience to all official rules ; and artistic Merit, creativity, theme communication. Any submissions that contain derogatory, offensive, or copyrighted content will be automatically disqualified.

The winner’s artwork will be published as an interactive doodle on in addition to other scholarships and prizes that are available.

  • Application Deadline: February 26, 2021
  • Degree Level: K-12 students in USA
  • Nationality: USA
  • Number of Scholarships: Five per year
  • Value: $30,000 yearly, non-renewable for the national winner. The triumphant candidate’s school will likewise get a $50,000 innovation award. Public finalists will get $5,000 for instructive costs. The total value of this grant is $100,000.


  • The Doodle for Google Contest is open to K-12 students in the United States. K-12 students in USA.
  • A candidate must have obtained a parent’s or legal guardian’s prior permission. 
  • Selection will be based on the following qualities : Artistic Merit, creativity and theme communication.


Students can work with any materials they want, but all doodles must be entered using the entry form.


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