Can a Scholarship be revoked?

Maintaining a scholarship is as important as winning a scholarship. You just won a grant for school and you are excited. That does not mean the scholarship will last forever. It can be revoked if you do not maintain it.

Much the same as scholarships have models for qualification, they likewise have rules for maintaining your scholarships. Here are ways a scholarship can be revoke:

Not Meeting GPA or Extracurricular Requirements

Certain Scholarships are based on academic performances and extracurricular activities. To keep such a scholarship, you must maintain certain GPA or participate in extracurricular activities as stated in the terms and conditions of the scholarships.

Changing Your Field/ College

Many scholarships are awarded to students in a specific Major or college. Switching field or college will make you lose such scholarships.

Improper Conduct

Scholarship Providers wish to award scholarships to decent and dependable future leaders.  Any act that violates the terms and conditions of the scholarship will cause your scholarship to be revoked.

Your grant supplier will probably get some answers concerning any genuine bad behavior you submit. This incorporates underage drinking, substance misuse, copyright infringement, and other issue with the law. You win a grant in light of the fact that the supplier trusts in your capacity and needs to put resources into you. Getting discovered accomplishing something unlawful or indecent could wind up costing you your grant.

Misuse of Scholarship Fund

Grant suppliers will state precisely how they need you to utilize the grant cash. Some grant cash can be utilized distinctly for educational cost while others can be utilized toward books and lodging. In the event that the grant permits you to utilize the cash just for educational cost and you utilize the cash to purchase books or food, you may get your grant taken from you. In the event that you don’t know how to utilize the grant, ensure you ask the grant supplier what their terms are.

Lies and Certificate Forgery

If you are caught in the act of certificate forgery and other improper acts, you will get you scholarship revoked. Numerous grants rules state that:  giving bogus data won’t go on without serious consequences. Try not to lie about GPA, volunteer help, achievements or whatever else!

Not taking enough credits

A few scholarships necessitate that you take a particular number of credits every semester. For instance, many request students to be selected full-time, which regularly likens to 12 credits or more for each semester. Ensure that you know precisely the number of credits you need to take to keep up your grant.

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